3 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector


When you’re buying a house, the home inspection can often be a nerve-racking process. You might be worried that an inspection will reveal a fatal flaw in what you thought was your dream property. On top of that, there’s likely to be a lot of information coming at you that you don’t fully understand. The good news is that when you work with a professional home inspector, they can clear up any confusion and help you understand what the results of your inspection mean for your property.

Here are a few questions you can ask your inspector to help you make the right choice for your next home!

1) What is covered in this inspection?

First and foremost, it’s important to know which issues your home inspector is looking for and which ones they’re not. This will help you determine whether you need additional services beyond the standard inspection. A quality home inspection should evaluate all of the major components of the property, including checking for:

  • Roof problems

  • Structural issues

  • Water damage

  • Functioning of major appliances

  • HVAC system function

  • Plumbing problems

  • Attic and/or basement issues

  • Electrical system issues

  • Other signs of damage or needed repairs

2) How serious of a problem is this?

Home inspection results include a lot of detail that can be confusing to sift through. Don’t be afraid to ask your inspector to explain something! They can clarify for you whether something is a major or minor issue and provide information that will help you better decide if you should buy, if you’ll need to budget your repairs, or if you should adjust your offer.

3) What should I do next?

A home inspector is not just there to identify issues with your property, but also to offer guidance about how to deal with them. They can advise you on which issues should be taken care of first and which can wait. You should ask them what their foremost concerns are and how to proceed with addressing each one. Many experienced inspectors can also recommend a local professional to handle the repairs or conduct a more specialized evaluation of the problem.

At Top Choice Home Inspectors, we take however much time is necessary to ensure our customers understand our comprehensive home inspection report. Our home inspection services are designed to give you every detail you need to make your final decision about a property without a doubt in your mind.

To learn more about our premium home inspections and the additional services we offer, contact a member of our team today!