4 Types of Contaminants That Could Be Polluting the Water in Your Home


We all like to think that our homes are the one place in the world where we don’t have to worry about threats to our health and safety, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you don’t take the right preventative and protective measures, there can be many potential sources of danger and illness in your home. Contaminated water is one of those potential hazards that is more common than we like to think.

While older homes that rely on well water are more often associated with water contamination, standard city water systems are not free of risk. The types of contaminants that pollute drinking water generally fall into one of four categories.

1) Physical Contaminants

Pollutants classified as physical contaminants affect, as their name would suggest, the physical appearance and properties of water. Common contaminants in this category include sediment, soil, and other organic material such as rust, sand, etc. They are usually found in city water systems.

2) Biological Contaminants

A biological water contaminant is a living organism or microbe, such as a virus, bacteria, or parasite. Biological contaminants cause waterborne illness and are more common in underdeveloped countries. They can be found in both well and city water.

3) Chemical Contaminants

Chemical contaminants are natural or manufactured elements and compounds that may be present in water. Examples include nitrogen, lead, ammonia, chlorine, and various metals. Well water is at a significantly higher risk of containing chemical contaminants.

4) Radiological Contaminants

Chemical elements with unstable atoms—plutonium, uranium, radium, etc.—become radioactive and can also contaminate the water in our homes. Waste from the coal, gas, oil, and other industries can be radioactive and pollute water supplies. Radiological contaminants are also, more commonly, a result of natural erosion deposits.

What happens if you drink contaminated water?

In high levels, the consumption or everyday use of contaminated household water can cause acute and long-term health effects. These effects can range from gastrointestinal, liver, and kidney problems, to neurological disorders, reproductive issues, and even cancer. That’s why it’s important to have the water in any home you’re looking to buy or sell tested for contaminants.

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