Common Issues Found in Colorado Home Inspections


Every state in the U.S. has its own quirks and nuances that make it unique and special to its residents, and Colorado is no exception. Some of these distinctive attributes are, however, more desirable and appealing than others.

Houses in Colorado likewise have many exclusive advantages to offer potential buyers, but they also tend to be vulnerable to a particular set of problems. Home inspectors have noticed that properties in our state are more likely to exhibit one of a few different problems.

Roofing Problems

There are certain types of roofs that are ill-suited to climate conditions in Colorado. One of those that is identified frequently throughout the state is a flat roof. Flat roofs are ideal for arid locations, which is probably why they were used here in the first place, but easily damaged by snow, rain, and even prolonged sun exposure. As harsh winter weather is common at Colorado’s altitude, flat roofs are less than ideal.

Poor Drainage

Home inspectors often find that Colorado properties are outfitted with inadequate water drainage systems. Gutters are typically too short and there is not enough downward slope around the foundation of many homes in the area. These types of drainage issues can cause water damage (especially in basements) and erode foundation soil, threatening the structural stability of the home.

High Radon Levels

While radon is a gas that occurs naturally in every state, it tends to be a bigger problem here. In fact, about half of the homes in Colorado exhibit radon levels higher than what is considered safe by the EPA. Home buyers in Colorado should always be sure to have any properties they’re interested in radon tested.

Piping Issues

The materials used for pipes in many older Colorado homes are known to lead to costly plumbing problems down the road. Polybutylene piping, for example, reacts poorly with the chlorine used to treat drinking water—making it prone to flaking, cracks, and leakage—and was used commonly until the mid-90s. Cast iron pipes, which often rust out completely over time, are also found commonly. Inspectors sometimes even find clay pipes, which are vulnerable to fracturing from growing roots.

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