Do I Need an Inspection for My Newly Built Home?


When you’re investing in a newly constructed home or having a custom property built from the ground up, you might think there’s no point in hiring a typical home inspector. After all, many of the issues home inspectors look for are a result of age and prolonged use, right? Well, that’s not necessarily the case.

Even if your home is so new the dust hasn’t cleared and the paint hasn’t dried, it’s still important that you have it inspected by a professional—and here’s why.

New construction homes can have problems too.

Just because a home is new doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There are many complex components and intricate phases in the construction process that are all being completed at the same time. It is, therefore, very difficult to keep track of and evaluate every new development before moving onto the next. Some of the common issues home inspectors find in newly built properties include:

  • Structural issues (poor framing & roofing, foundational cracks)
  • Poor or insufficient insulation
  • Plumbing, piping, leaks & drainage issues
  • HVAC or electrical system problems (improper wiring, poor duct installation, malfunctioning thermostat)

City building inspections look for only bare minimum standards.

It might seem redundant to hire a home inspector when newly completed construction projects have to be inspected by the city anyway. But a municipal building inspector is only checking that the house is up to code, not for quality in construction and workmanship.

Public inspectors usually have limited time and resources to complete their evaluations (through no fault of their own) and can easily miss something. A home inspector, on the other hand, will take the time to assess the quality of the home in terms of your safety and monetary investment.

A newly built home should actually have more than one inspection.

To truly evaluate the quality of the home you’re about to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on, you should have it inspected not just at completion, but at every major phase of construction. This will allow you to identify and remedy problems early.

The first inspection should take place before the foundation is poured, to assess the structural integrity of the home (proper excavation, grading, anchors and footing). Then, it should be inspected again after the frame has been built but before the walls are up (roof, beams, posts, studs, wiring, windows). Once construction is complete, a final standard inspection should be completed as well.

With a new build inspection from Top Choice Inspectors, you can feel confident that your brand-new home is everything you’ve always dreamed of. Our experts will be there for every vital stage of the process ensure no problems are covered up during the construction of your home.

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