Winter Season Home Checklist


Fall is the time to get your home ready for the winter season. As the leaves change and fall, the heat turns to sweater weather. There are only a few weeks to get ready for the season to come. It’s not much fun when the weather is freezing and the furnace is on the fritz.

The heating system is perhaps the most critical system for your home. Start with a test run: Replace the furnace filter. Turn the thermostat to heat mode and set it to 78 degrees, You should hear the furnace turn on, and warm air should begin to blow within a few minutes. If the furnace is running fine, turn the thermostat back to its normal setting.

  • Schedule a service with an HVAC contractor. If your furnace fails the test run do it sooner than later
  • Clean heating vents: Clear obstacles to heating vents, so air can freely flow. Check exhaust vents, make sure your furnace is venting up the flue and not into the living space.
  • Clean the A/C condensing unit of debris: Use a garden hose and spray off any debris.
  • Check Chimneys and gas fireplaces have cleaned if needed.
  • Exterior hoses need to be disconnected and the water is drained.
  • Inspect the outside caulking and sealant around all doors and windows.
  • Inspect window tracks and clean them of any debris that might be interfering with seals.
  • Inspect the locking mechanisms on the windows and doors. You will want to lock them securely once winter sets in.
  • Check the roof for missing or damaged shingles, and have them replaced.
  • Make sure the gutters and downspouts are clean and clear, with no leaves or debris clogging them.
  • Have your sprinkler system winterize and blown out no later than the end of October.
  • Cover patio furniture or bring it indoors to store for the winter.
  • Drain the gas from your lawnmower.
  • Drain any water features unplug the pumps, and prepare for winter.
  • Clean, repair, and cover up (or store) barbecue grill equipment.
  • Make sure the snow shovels and/or snow blower is ready to go.

Now you can enjoy the upcoming winter season knowing full well your biggest investment is ready for the upcoming season. Last but not least make sure there is plenty of Hot CoCo ready for those wonderful winter wonderland mornings.