Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Inspections in Colorado Springs, CO

Wouldn’t life be easy if every potential problem we might
face was out in the open, staring us in the face? It would especially simplify
the process of buying or selling a home. One quick walk-through with just your
eyes and nothing else would reveal any issue that could threaten your family’s
safety and well-being, cost you big in future repairs, or jeopardize the value
of your sale.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t make anything that easy. But
with a professional thermal imaging inspection from Top Choice Inspectors, it
doesn’t have to be quite as difficult for your Colorado Springs property!

Home Thermal Imaging Services for Properties in Colorado Springs & Castle Rock

There are a lot of hidden problems that could be lurking within the walls, floors, and ceilings of a property. If you’re about to put that property on the market or invest in it as your future home, it’s important that you look beneath the surface for these latent complications. For homeowners and hopeful homeowners throughout El Paso County, thermal imaging inspection from Top Choice Inspectors is your perfect solution.

During a thermal imaging inspection, our team skillfully uses infrared imaging technology to detect small temperature changes throughout your home that can have a big impact on its structure and many systems. These changes, otherwise imperceptible, are usually a result of excess moisture, electrical system deficiencies, and structural defects.

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Infrared imaging inspections can reveal a wide variety of problems concealed beneath the surface of the home you’re about to buy or trying to sell.

Thermal imaging is an advanced technology that allows home inspectors to evaluate the condition of your home more thoroughly than they’re able to using conventional home inspection methods alone. Potential problems infrared thermography can bring to light include:

• Lack of insulation

• Inefficient energy usage

• Moisture issues (possible mold sources)

• Water leaks & damage (including roof leaks)

• Electrical system damage

• Missing or damaged structural components

• Pest infestation

• And more!

These are serious issues for which you can’t afford to put your family or buyers at risk. That’s why you need a home inspection company who can perform thermal imaging inspections that ensure your home is safe and structurally sound. If your property is anywhere in Colorado Springs or throughout El Paso or Douglas County, that trusted company is Top Choice Inspectors.

Get in contact with one of our certified specialists today to discuss your thermal imaging and home inspection needs. We would be honored to provide the information you need to make the right decision in your real estate venture!