Water Testing

Well Water Inspections & Water Quality Testing in Colorado Springs

A reliable supply of good quality water is an essential
component of a safe and healthy home. Before you take the leap and invest in a
new house—or list a property you currently own on the market—it’s important to
evaluate the condition of the water you’ll be drinking and using to complete fundamental
everyday tasks. This assessment is especially crucial if the home you’re
considering relies on water from a well.

If you’re buying or selling a home in Colorado Springs, Top
Choice Inspectors can help you guarantee the safety of one of your property’s
most integral systems with premier well water inspections and water quality
testing services.

Well Water Testing in El Paso & Douglas County

Washing clothes; taking a shower; watering plants; staying hydrated; the water in your home serves many substantial purposes as you go about your daily life. How would you feel if you found out it was contaminated with hazardous bacteria, chemical substances, or unfiltered sediment? Probably a little disgusted and considerably worried about how your health could be affected.

You can easily avoid putting yourself in that situation altogether when you have your water inspected by Top Choice Inspectors. Our trained specialists will perform well water testing for contaminants, well flow inspections, VA and Real Estate water testing, fluoride testing, and more to ensure your water is clean and safe to drink, use, and flow through your home.

Our Trained Specialists

With over 10,000 home inspections throughout Colorado Springs and Castle Rock under our belt, we’ve been able to refine our well and water testing processes to deliver the most accurate and detailed results on the same day as inspection. 

The team at Top Choice Inspectors uses the latest technology and methodologies in well water and water quality testing to provide you the information you need about your home’s water when you need it. If we discover a problem, we’ll also include expert recommendations for getting your water up to the standard of quality you expect and deserve.

Certified Home Inspectors
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